S28R plastering machine - Description


The innovative screw pump

Pompa per calcestruzzo
S28 R
hydraulic loading mixer
Innovations Bunker

Winning elements

Operating economy, modern design, avant-garde technology, are the strong points of this extraordinary plastering machine. Hundreds of machines sold all over the world demonstrate its success. The S28R combines highly professional performances with an interesting price. A product, then, that applies to both general contractors and professionals. We do our best to meet your requirements of quality, performance, reliability and assistance. That attention has led to the development of new and interesting features.

Plastering machine

We needed an innovative screw pump able to satisfy the needs of modern building sites. With the S28 from BUNKER, plastering - pumping - injecting is a pleasure.

Completely hydraulic

The S28 is a silenced plastering machine with a complete hydraulic operation. This solution avoids the use of unnecessary mechanical parts improving performance and control.

Screw pump

Designed for an exceptional resistance against wear, it guarantees perfect plastering for dozens of houses even of 15 storeys, all thanks to the hydraulic control of the flow.
The hydraulic inversion of the pumping direction allows mortar to be sucked back and thus to lower pressure. This advantage can be used to easily eliminate clogging... A good advantage. The pumping can be interrupted directly from the nozzle as well as from the control panel. In this case the motor moves to minimum rotation, reducing fuel consumption. There are further advantages to this plaster sprayer as you will discover yourself.

Autolivellante Plastering machine Plastering machine Plastering machine

Powerful and versatile

The high power and variability of the flow allow S28 to pump, spray or inject:

  • Traditional plasters for indoors and outdoors
  • Pre-mixed plasters for interiors and exteriors
  • Special plasters
  • Fibre-reinforced mortar
  • Refractory mortar
  • Mortar for joint filling
  • Self-levelling floor screeds
  • Pre-mixed mortar and special products for the recovery of concrete structures and brickwork buildings
Plastering machine Plastering machine Plastering machine

The spraying of concrete on panels of welded mesh for structural restoration is also possible. Thanks to a practical kit it is possible to carry out controlled pressure injections of cement slurry.