B30 plastering machine - Description


Ready-mix materials plastering machine

Ready-mix materials plastering machine


BUNKER was the first company to develop the innovative anti-dust device

The special anti-dust device invented by Bunker, connected to a normal vacuum cleaner eliminates dust when the bag opens and protects the operator.


Ready-mix materials plastering machine
Pump - Spraying - Inject
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Why choosing the B30?

The B30 is a compact and user-friendly plastering machine, it's perfect to mix, pump and spray ready-mix materials for internal or external walls. It can be loaded with bags or automatically from a silo.

Its goal

We created it with a regulable output from 6 to 65 litres per minute according to the stator you use, you can pump the following materials: cement and lime-based plasters, plaster, anhydrite, thermo-isolating mortars, wall and structural renders, joint filling mortars, tiling glue, cement and lime-based self-levelling floor screeds.

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