S28 Urban Volta rendering machine - Description


The silence, the future

The first rendering machine on the world market powered by a rechargeable battery pack.

Selected by a prestigious jury one of the most innovative products in the competition

SAIE INNOVATION - towards zero impact


Machine à projeter monophasée


The battery power supply makes it a product unique entirely redesigned and adapted to new markets with the advantage of comfort for the user and the environment


Pompa a vite per sottofondi autolivellanti

Zero emissions, respect of the environment and comfort for the user


Significant reduction of the noise emissions and the possibility for use in an indoor environment, during the night and near hospitals and schools


Energy saving and significant reduction of operating and maintenance costs


Preserving the environment and your wallet

S28 Volta Urban is very economical: only about 1* for a complete charge maintenance costs cheaper compared to the spraying machine with diesel engine.

* The cost of electricity to charge the battery is during the night But can differ depending on the electricity supplier


> engine oil and coolant changes
> belts
> filters
> flexible
> downtime for the execution

Machine à projeter monophasée

Niagara System
Patented system


Convenience, comfort, speed and savings

The machine is equipped with the innovative and exclusive patented "Niagara system", designed to improve comfort and reduce the time and water to clean the hopper.
The movement of the screw pump from working position to cleaning position creates a discharge opening in the hopper and at same time causes the displacement of the screw feeder from the bottom of the hopper facilitating the cleaning of the hopper and the evacuation of the residual products.

Pompa per calcestruzzo Pompa per calcestruzzo
Screw pump in the working position Screw pump in the cleaning position
Pompa per calcestruzzo  Pompa per calcestruzzo 

Maximum satisfaction for the users

The S28 Urban Volta manufactured in compliance with European directives, is the answer to demands of professional plasterers.
The machine that you will be the vanguard in your field.

Powerful and versatile

The well-dimensioned power and the output control of the screw pump from zero to the maximum value allow the S28 Urban Volta pumping and spraying the traditional and special mortars.

Significant reduction in operating and maintenance costs

The electric permanent magnet motors, compact and lightweight, are zero pollutants, require little maintenance and are very economical compared to the Diesel engine. The permanent magnet motor is controlled by an electronic controller which ensures a perfect control of the speed and torque of the motor.


Battery pack with centralized filling system

The battery technology used is the "flooded/wet lead acid" which is proven, widespread and economical.
The estimated lifetime is about 1200 cycles with discharge of about 50% of the rated capacity.
More deeply discharged batteries, more they age rapidly.
To avoid premature wear we strongly advise you not to discharge the battery over 80%.
Water plays a crucial role in the functioning of the battery.
If the water level in the cells drops too low, the plates were then exposed to air. The active elements of the plates dry out and become brittle, which irreversibly damages the battery. The centralized filling system can simultaneously fill all the elements, if necessary.The discharge indicator integrated into the control panel as well as the integrated battery charger allow you to be independent on site

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Pompa a vite per sottofondi autolivellanti